Can you guess what movie this is?

Clues and a movie review are below in the comments…


WARNING: If you read the review of the movie, it will likely give away today’s puzzle… but don’t worry there are no spoilers here.  No spoiler alert needed.




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2 responses to “Can you guess what movie this is?

  1. CLUES:
    Image 1 are not streets

    Image 2 is not a “train”

    Image 3 are not “trees”

  2. So here is my review of the movie:

    I was super-exited to see this, as was apparently most of the USA, but I was a little disappointed. While there was no way that I wasn’t going to enjoy my time in the theater watching this, at 2:22 in length it did drag on a bit. The last 40 minutes were good (the fight scenes), but it seemed as though they blew their budget on the cast and therefore spent the first 1:40 doing scenes which did not require a lot of CG. The villain was a little lackluster and not my favorite character from this genre, however I have seen him done very well in some animated versions. I will give this positive note: the big green guy, well this was the best one yet. Better than Edward Norton, and better than Eric Banna [Lou Ferigno however, will always reign supreme in my mind]. The scene where the big green guy slams the villain around like a rag doll was great, if not historically funny. I think that even though this movie set all kinds of records in the box office, I will place my bets on the last installment of the recent Batman trilogy, and hope that as technology continues to improve, we can all hold our breath for DC to do a Justice League (or Superfriends) movie!

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