Some things won’t change in 2012…

It’s our first day back to work or school after the new year, with plenty of promise and excitement for a new year, and one of today’s top stories is whether or not we like this person’s new bangs/haircut… Looks like some things won’t change in 2012.

Who is this person?


And as much as we would like to concentrate on the news that directly affects our lives (such as the economic crisis, unemployment, whether the Fed is going to increase rates, wars in the middle east, changing governments in Iran, the evaporation of the Euro, the downfall of Greece, and other world happenings), we will of course report on whether the… here it is a “spoiler”… the Kardashian’s change their hair style, or get divorced, or date a new professional athlete – because that gets people to notice that our little puzzle site exists.  So thank you for your interest our 2011 puzzles, all of them, because at the end of the day, we just want to offer you a little mental stimulation and a short break through our picture puzzles (aka. KlooDoodles).  Thanks for a great year!


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