Guest Artist Paul Bommer’s Puzzle: What is this?

We have a few in our hip pocket from Paul. This guy is an amazing artist… and a couple of his upcoming KlooDoo puzzlers are not only beautiful, but pretty tough to solve. Here’s the first one of his we’re posting:

If you take the time to read through the comments, you will see that Paul has a referenced a part of the history of the Rebus puzzle in England (early 16th century?). Famous American Ben Franklin (and others in the 1700s) enjoyed writing letters using Rebus puzzles as well.


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8 responses to “Guest Artist Paul Bommer’s Puzzle: What is this?

  1. April Davidow

    I have not figured out the clue -kloo-yet, but as an artist-WOW-love how it looks-keep them coming

  2. Jason Dombar

    This is really cool. Tough, havn’t figured it out yet. How about a clue.

  3. spiloshiosh

    This is really nice, I can’t wait to find out if my guess is right?

  4. KlooDoo

    Is it a famous fairy tale?

  5. Thanks guys. This is a famous one from Westminster Abbey.

  6. KlooDoo

    Clue: the man seems to be ‘slipping’ down the trunk, holding a slim branch of the type used for plant grafting, known by gardeners as a ‘slip’… are we heading in the correct direction?

  7. Jason Dombar

    The Rebus of Abbot Islip

  8. KlooDoo

    Check out Paul’s blog.
    Warning: there are spoilers here, so don’t read until you have given up and want the answer.

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