What is this iconic anthem?

Looking at comments may be a spoiler.
We give you a daily clue/doodle and it’s your guess.




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7 responses to “What is this iconic anthem?

  1. Don’t forget to “subscribe” to this blog so that you get your daily clue/doodles.

    You can also visit KlooDoo.com if it is easier to remember (which redirects you to this blog).

  2. Libby MacVeigh

    I got it! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of KlooDoo!!!!!

  3. Jordan Brant

    this is really cool, I like the name a lot too.

  4. @Jordan, did you get the clue?

  5. “but i did not shot no deputy”

  6. KlooDoo

    “I swear it was in self-defense”

  7. KlooDoo

    I SHOT THE SHERIFF (by Bob Marley)

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